Our Team

Chef Zadi was born in Lyon, France and grew up in an idyllic village in the Beaujolais, where his family always ate seasonally and locally. Of course, in France this meant a lot of root vegetables during the winters. So, he really appreciates California’s year round abundance and variety of fresh produce.


Zadi is the dean of culinary arts at Ecole de Cuisine Los Angeles and writes the Test Kitchen column for The LA Weekly.He has extensive experience as a working chef and as a culinary instructor. Over the past ten years, he’s taught thousands of students how to prepare good, clean food. You can find his professional students, at any given time, working at Bouchon, Bazaar, Mozza, Lukshon, and so on. In addition to his extensive professional culinary experience , he worked on his family farm where he shepherded sheep in the mountains and also apprenticed in a family owned butcher shop.

The globetrotting chef has worked in five different countries on three different continents and has traveled to Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Korea, Japan, England, Scotland, Wales, North Africa, Guam and Saipan.

He’s a lifelong soccer player, swimmer and also plays tennis.

Susan Park is the program director of Ecole de Cuisine, a food historian, writes the Food Culture Map column for LA WEEKLY, and is a VIPretty Ambassador for Pretty in The City. Yes, she has eclectic interests including southern style Tiger-Crane kung fu (super low stance), long-board surfing (as big as a raft), art, photography, sweep rowing, volleyball, and can deadlift 180 lbs. She also collects vintage coats, dresses, shoes and purses.

Eat. Good. Clean. Food. is inspired by the multilingual couple’s travels, L.A.’s glorious cultural diversity and California’s bounty of year round, in season produce.