The Chocolatier’s Guide to Baking

As is true with most baking ingredients, chocolate also comes in various types and different chocolate type can be used for a different baking purpose. Your baked dish can turn out even better if the correct chocolate is used for flavor and decoration.

Want to know which chocolate is suitable for which purpose? Then, check out our list of baking chocolates and their uses:

1. Unsweetened Chocolate

One of the most commonly used chocolate types is the unsweetened chocolate which is used for the baking purpose and doesn’t contain any sugar in it. You can store his chocolate safely for 3 years if you keep it in a cool, dark and dry place!

2. Dark chocolate

There are two types of dark chocolates available: semisweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

You will find that you can use both of these dark chocolates interchangeably even though bittersweet chocolate is slightly less sweet than the semisweet chocolate. You can keep this chocolate safe by storing it in a place away from sunlight and dampness and the chocolate will be good to use for 3 years.

If you see any discoloration on the surface of the chocolate, don’t worry because the chocolate is still edible and has only lost the color due to improper storage.

3. Milk Chocolate

This is a type of dark chocolate which contains 12 percent of milk solids added to it. The milk particles make this chocolate mellower and creamier but also decreases its shelf life. You can store this chocolate safe for 4-6 months if stored in the dark and dry area. You can use this chocolate to make French Desserts.

4. White Chocolate

Although this is not categorized as a chocolate because it does not contain chocolate liquor but it does have cocoa butter along with sugar, vanilla, and lecithin. You can keep this chocolate safe for 4-6 months if kept away from moisture.

5. Chocolate Chips

This type of chocolate contains less amount of cocoa butter which is why they are able to retain their shape when being baked.

Chocolate Chips

You can use this type of chocolates in recipes where you want chocolate chips to stay as they, like chocolate chip cookies or chocolate chip cakes.make sure that you tightly wrap this chocolate and then store it.

6. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

A lot of recipes call out for unsweetened Cocoa powder which provides a deep chocolate flavor to a baked good. A cocoa powder is made when the cocoa butter is removed from the chocolate liquor. It also comes in a Dutch-process form which acts as a mellower and is used not quite frequently. You can store this type of chocolate for up to 2 years in an airtight container.

7. Ground Chocolate

This type of chocolate is a blend of cocoa, chocolate, vanilla, and sugar and is used a few times in the recipe. It provides a sweet taste to your baked dish and should not be confused with the cocoa powder.

Did you find the different types of chocolates interesting? Why don’t you try these chocolates in your baking recipes now and see the difference for yourself?

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