What to Look for When Buying Your Next Coffee Maker?

There are so many aspects taken into consideration when deciding the parts of a coffee setup, it’s overwhelming! There is no one way to brew coffee; the art of coffee making varies from person to person. However, there are universally accepted rules followed by amateurs and professionals alike. Coffee lovers around the globe have invented new and improved methods of brewing. One such interesting variant is a Japanese technique that uses cones and dippers.


The shape of the machine is a major determining factor in the taste and quality of coffee brewed. For instance, a conical shape increases the flow of water while a wedge-shaped one curbs the flow. This affects the flavor as well. Coffee prepared by a conically shaped machine will offer more extraction and hence better taste than that of a Wedge.

Also, flat bottoms slow down the brewing process, you can control the flow of coffee through the filter while pointed bottoms have to be scrutinized closely as the liquid passes through faster. A pointed bottom yields a crisper and heavily flavored coffee. Both types have their pros and cons; you just have to learn to adjust accordingly. For example, one has to be more cautious using pointy bottom machines as the liquid passes faster, unlike wedges where the flow of water can be controlled easily

The best coffee brewing method

There are about six conventionally used coffee brewing methods that range from the Japanese ritualistic brewing to the modern electronic coffee machines. Each method has used a set brand of tools and products and it’s surprising how the same coffee beans taste so differently when brewed in different coffee machines and methods. Let us see what the best technique is!

The most flavourful

Wave was proven to brew the most flavourful coffee with its pour over technique and wedges that allow more extraction, hence a more interesting mix of flavors. Also, the wavy filters are of better quality and can enhance the filtering tenfold. But this 2013’s Brewer Cup Champion product might be a bit hard on the pocket. The usability, compactness and time-saving design of the product make it an instant favorite for both home use and cafes. Keurig’s K55 Coffee maker is known for being good at flavored coffee.

What comes next?

Closely following Wave is Bee House, with its affordable price range and consistent output. The cone filters and wedges allow a controlled flow of liquid through the filter, although sometimes the coffee might be a bit too strong for taste. The weak plastic framework and insulators help in regulating the temperature. Also, the product is more compatible with a manual dipper than an automatic one.

The most user-friendly

The Clever is an ideal choice for users who want a simple and effective single serve coffee maker. It doesn’t require any kettle, thereby cutting on cost. But the coffee brewed using the Clever can be very light, somewhat bordering on bland. The cheap and functional design, easy operation and quickness are more averages than extraordinary.

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